Get the Best Education at Osmania University

The Osmania University is one of the top universities in India, basing its reputation on the strong vision of generating and disseminating knowledge amongst its students, helping them develop a high cultural, intellectual, humane and ethical sensitivity. Thus, by attending the courses of the university, students have the chance to develop their skills and gain the knowledge necessary to strive in life and achieve the true success.

The university was founded in 1918 as a public university in Hyderabad, and was named after Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam of Hyderabad. The Osmania University is one of the oldest modern educational institutions in the country, and the first one teaching in Urdu and the Indian regional language.

Osmania University
Osmania University

It is the perfect place to study, where over 300,000 students are enjoying quality education. The university is renowned in the country, especially for the departments of Science, Engineering, Commerce, Technology and Arts.

The Osmania University is managed and funded by the government, and students are offered the opportunity to get educated in any domain, depending only on their academic merit. There are national entrance examinations organized, one for each course offered by the university. Getting accepted in this educational institution is not very easy, as there are many applicants interested in joining the university, only the best students being offered a spot in one of the courses.

The campus at the university is one of the largest in the country, covering over 6 square kilometers. In addition, there is also an excellent Osmania University distance education program, under the PGRR Center – Prof. G. Ram Reddy Center – a university wing. Over 20,000 students are part of this program, studying different courses as undergraduate degrees, postgraduate diplomas and postgraduate degrees. This education program is recognized by the DEC (the Distance Education Council) in New Delhi, and it is one of the top programs in the country, very appreciated among potential students and future employers.

Probably the largest higher education institution in India, the Osmania University attracts tens of thousands of students from all over the country every year, offering courses in a vast array of subjects. The university offers grants for students with excellent academic results, so that anyone who is truly dedicated to learning can have the opportunity to achieve their dreams and gain the knowledge in the domain they are interested in.

Over the years, the university has come to be well known throughout the entire country and to even pass the Indian borders, currently being one of the top learning institutions on the continent. For all those who have finished a course at this university, there is an excellent successful career waiting ahead.

The best aspect regarding this education institution is that everyone is offered the opportunity to get educated, if only they are dedicated and committed to study. If you are searching for an excellent spot in a great educational center, then the right choice for you is, without any doubt, the Osmania University, where you will be given the chance to prove yourself.